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Online Sabong Update 2024: No More Return?

It has been two years since e-sabong was banned, and many await the latest online sabong update. There were promises in 2022 that it would eventually make a comeback. Unfortunately, it has yet to do so.

In an article by the Philippine Star, Charlie “Atong” Ang, the Philippines’ premier e-sabong operator, believes that the country needs the taxes from the live-streamed version of cockfighting. But it is already 2024, and despite paying a monthly tax of P135 million to PAGCOR before its suspension, its legality remains dangling.

The current Philippine President, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, continued the suspension of e-sabong, even after the term of Rodrigo Duterte. This is because of the rampant kidnappings associated with the sport.

In fact, the main reason for e-sabong being forbidden was the 34 missing sabungeros.

But it did not stop there. Besides the kidnappings, corruption, estafa, and illegal gambling have been linked to virtual cockfighting, forcing the hand of the government to issue its ban.

Up until now, the case of the missing sabungeros is still ongoing. For instance, an e-sabong agent, Ricardo “Jonjon” Lasco, who has been missing since 2021, had his pre-trial done last June 2023 at the San Pablo City Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 29. His  disappearance even caused the dismissal of five policemen.

What Happens Now?

As Duterte banned online sabong, and with his successor continuing to do so, anyone who engages in virtual cockfighting may be prosecuted for illegal activity. According to Executive Order  (EO) No. 9, all e-sabong operations remain suspended until further notice. The ban includes:

  • Live-streaming or broadcasting of the fights that are happening outside the cockpits or
  • Online or remote betting on live sabong matches, events, or activities being streamed online “regardless of the location of the betting platform.”

Fortunately for the traditional bettors, the classic sabong found in physical arenas is still authorized and has a license to operate legally. Even if it is a multi-billion revenue source for the government, its prohibition simply shows that no entity is exempted from the law.

OKBet Online Sabong Update 2024

All E-Sabong Illegal

That being said, expect the online sabong industry to be illegal in all forms. This means that even online sabong applications and websites are included.

So whenever you are looking for an e-sabong update today and stumbled upon blogs claiming that online betting for cockfighting is legal, know that these are misleading articles. Also, the online casinos mentioned on such websites (Jolibet, 22Fun, Jiliko )are not licensed by PAGCOR.

Furthermore, engaging in online sabong in the Philippines violates EO No. 9, and violators may be prosecuted for illegal gambling activity. The best course of action is to avoid registering on platforms that offer e-sabong.

While the sport is banned in the country, other blood sports like boxing and MMA are still legal. It is better to wager on legal games and—most importantly—on licensed online casinos and sportsbooks like OKBet to ensure safety in the online gambling world.

Be Responsible

With online sabong being rampant and illegal still, it is better to be responsible gamblers and avoid illegal platforms. Rather, register at a licensed online gambling site to be safe from the dangers of online betting.

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